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Sep 2014
His eyes once hypnotized me,
their light crystal blue pools
gliding over me, make me
feel weightless;
now they repulse me,
their unfamiliar cold blue
daggers breaking me with
each glance.
They let me know the end is near.

His arms once held me
securely to him throughout
the night, making me feel
now I cringe when they extend my way, as if they might
me with false love should they
around me.
They let me know the end is near.

His words once served as a form of comfort
to me, they would lull me to sleep
and cause my heart to skip a beat;
now they make me doubt everything
I ever knew to be true, they force me
to swallow my better judgment and
trust that what he feels towards me
is still love.
They let me know the end is near.

The end is here.
Copyright 09-28-2014 Elizabeth ©
Elizabeth Lawrence
Written by
Elizabeth Lawrence  Massachusetts
   Weeping willow and Ayman Zain
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