Jan 2011

You tell me bout this guy you know
that's gentle kind and true
That has given you new life
banished all that made you blue

You tell me that he's handsome
that you love the way he smiles
That he's touched your very soul
bridged a gap of many miles

You tell me that you think of him
from time to time throughout the day
That you're filled with a such a yearning
wishing he wasn't far away.

And when you tell me of your plan
to surprise him with a trip
I feel that old familiar pain
of a heart about to rip

You're gonna just get on a plane
and turn up at his door
to see the look upon his face
and watch his jaw drop to the floor

Are you really that insensitive
thoughtless, even blind
To boast about some other guy
while leaving me behind

Perhaps I should have spoken up
and told you how I feel
Maybe then you'd skip the fantasy
and stick with something real

But your probably there already
I should have said all this before
and told you I'm in love with you...
One second, someones at the door...

A Thomas Hawkins
Written by
A Thomas Hawkins  Canada
   Amy Rothwell and ---
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