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Sep 2014
I wish I could just shut the whole world out.
Take a break from everything.
Get away from all the pain.
Sometimes, I wish everyone would just leave me be.
I wish they would just let me sit in my room and do whatever I feel like doing and not care what that may be.

And then...

I wish they would ask whats wrong,
if they can do something to help,
if i need anything.
Sometimes I DO need to talk to someone.
Sometimes I need a shoulder to cry on.
Sometimes i need someone to tell me I'm right even when I'm dead wrong.

One too many times, have I been alone and wanting someone to hold me.

If I get that offer it is from someone who is not able to actually be there with me.
They are never around when I need or want them.
Yet, somehow, I am always there for them.
No one seems to understand how much I do things for others before i do them for myself.
I am always the one being selfish.
According to some.
And to others Im being neither selfish or generous enough.
I never do enough for other people in other people's eyes.

So I am taking this time to be selfish for once.
This is all I can do, otherwise, I'm in the wrong,
yet again.

I do this simply to let off some steam,
but not all of it.
In order to get out the rest I feel as though I must kick the chest
of a punching bag.

I have finished my complaining.
Now, I must rest.
I will see you the next time
I need to get something off my chest.
Written by
undetermined  22/F
   -a and Erenn
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