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Sep 2014
Love is the beginning of
complete self compatibility...
Complete self completeness.

Love is yore, love is allure
Love is addiction, love is pure

Love is food, love is water
Love is filling, love is fodder

Love is book, love is home
Love is socks, love is rome

Whichever way I go, whatever route I take,
Love thus, I see and find in all shapes n makes…

Love is a spectacle,
love is in the ‘beyond’

love is pure magic
which makes me respond…

love to you and love to me
love is my best expression
of my within

love to me is ecstasy
love to me is soul
love to me is beingness
love to me is explore

love is not a mirage
love is not a soliloquy

love is there in all of ‘me’
love is my whole.
love is my completeness
love is my soul.

the oneness…
the rhapsody…
the addiction..
that I have with love

makes me my own self love
the source. the object.
the giver. the taker
all at one
runu swayam
Written by
runu swayam  india
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