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Sep 2014
get away from me                   stop      she needs help          
              you can't be superman                 I can TRY                 no
hurt you                         it happened last time              leech      
        just talk to her            she's hurting         not me                   who?
                                                            ­    think of yourself
     not right                                      LIFE"S NOT RIGHT     but
                 don't get attached                    hugging me        GET OFF
       she just needs somebody to talk to         and?
        not my problem not my problem not my problem not my problem
                                        you'll just let her suffer?      **** LEECH
         she's... so warm                             back away BACK AWAY
                have a heart       have a CONSCIENCE          
          what does she WANT from me?                      
                                       ­                                 she won't be like everyone else
       LEECH                 how many chances have you been given?
          E­VERYTHING is relevant                 look in her eyes
  HATE IT                                                               ­  **** my conscience
             just... give her a chance               HURT you
                                   if I don't help her...               STOP
                                                   what do I do?
Frank Ruland
Written by
Frank Ruland  25/M/Virginia Beach, Virginia
(25/M/Virginia Beach, Virginia)   
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