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Sep 2014
the words starts as whispers of thoughts, flimsy threads of ideas, inconsequential
they float through my body, start in my heart and push outwards
they expand, my heart expands, falling to my feet and propelling them onwards
wrapping around my muscles and bones
melting into me.
they fill my lungs, like they're going to explode under the pressure
my ribs crack
my throat closes tight around the bubble of thought-turned-vocal
they fill my teeth and coat my tongue and
the bubble bursts and
I love you

I love you and the dam has opened and I love you and I'm flooded with all the times I never said it and I love you
it's like a force of nature and I can't stop it and I don't want to and I love you I love you I love you
I love you.
don't get on me for lack of capitalisation, that's not an error
Written by
Aisling  Ireland
     --- and nh
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