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Sep 2014
                                                           ­                                                                 ­      
As we sit here in the the sun,  we all love to see her run.
The tide is getting low, a little farther out is where I go,
Just holdin my position in the show.

The train set is sure to be some fun.  
As sure as the sun will rise and the salt gets in your eyes,
The train set is sure to come.

When you hear her coming down the track, just be sure not to turn your back.
Cause as every cardiff ****** knows, the train set is why you’re here.
Just wait until you hear that  whistle blow.

She’s screamin down the rail,  with one foot set tight on that new pintail,
first look left, then look back, She’s lining up, she’s right on track.
Just wait until you hear that  whistle blow.

She looks so sweet heading down that perfect line.
with the sun  setting behind the peak,  underneath her shoulders we sneak,
just wait until you hear that whistle blow.
Written by
Darcy Jones
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