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Sep 2014
I love you more each day I think

Even with your fingers in your throat

While you hunch over in the sink.

...The odors you emit can make me gag

And in the morning your breath smell like a ***** **** rag.

You snore like a banshee feral hog

And you drool on the sheets like a mangy dog.

There is a sticky yellow goo that drains from your nose,

and makes me question the girl I chose

I hold my breath, and take great pains

to wipe the sheets before it stains

I see the fungus on your feet and toes,

I know I should bathe you, but

It’s really not that bad, as far as fungus goes.

When we make love I wish I had a bag

And when it’s done I wished I’d just been born a ***,

But in the end, you’re the one for me,

I don’t even seem to mind the burning when I ***.
Written by
Darcy Jones
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