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Sep 2014
I'm ******* done!
You hear me you pathetic siblings and hypocritical parents!
I'm ******* done!
All of you in my family are ******* pathetic!
You little ***** always take advantage of me,
You always take and take without giving in return!
You're not worthy of being my family!
You make my head turn!
You always touch everything I have,
You used it and then either misplace it or ******* break it!
You steal my money and take everything I have,
You always treated me like ****!
******* sisters!
You two never appreciated me!
One of you slimy ******* use me for your kids and make me a baby sitter!
He's not my ******* kid now is he?!
So why the **** does it feel like I'm being punished because you had a ******* kid?!
The other ***** never ******* helps!
All she does is be ******* lazy and sleeps in!
She even watches me when I'm in desperate need of help!!!
******* brothers!
You two stuck up ******* don't do **** for the ******* house!
What the **** did you guys do?!
One of you complains about doing everything for us,
How the **** did you do everything when sitting on your *** playing video games is all you ******* do?!
The other pushes me around and demands things,
What did you ever do other than ruin my life?!
I went through years of your constant bullying!
You're one of the reasons why I can't have a ******* normal life!!!!!
******* mother!
You're nothing but a ******* ***** who can't do ****!
You complain about father!
Why don't you get a ******* divorce and be done with it?!
You know why?!
Because she's ******* useless on her own!
Everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie!
Whenever I ask a question, she's always on her ******* phone!
I have to repeat myself to get her attention!
Then she gets mad when I don't answer back or give her ******* attitude!
*****, you're the ******* reason why I ******* have it!
What is wrong with you?!
Then you say I have to be an adult but you don't even let me get out of the house without your permission!
Why the **** am I getting punished?!
I didn't have a ******* kid or do drugs or crashed I don't know how many cars like my brothers and sisters!!
Don't compare me to those useless low lives! I'm finished!
I'm not you and your kid's babysitter!
I don't have to take care of your lazy *****!
That ******* includes you father!!!!
You're a worse out of all these *******!!!
You say that you keep the family together when you're tearing us apart!
We don't ******* want you here,
We hate you!!
We wish you disappear!
You're worthless and we're all done with you!
Even your brothers and sisters ******* hate you,
That's why they avoid us,
Because they're afraid we're just like you!
That's why the family ignores us!
I have ******* had it!
I'm not their ******* slave!
I don't owe them ****!
They need to do **** their own way!
**** all of you in my family,
One ******* day I will leave and be successful.
You all will be ******* unhappy,
While I will be the one who escaped you all.
I'm sorry, I needed to vent. I always clean at my home and do everything here. My family doesn't respect my stuff, they push me around, they demand stuff from me, they steal my stuff, and whenever the house is a mess, I have to clean it and I get no help whatsoever. I can't even go out on my own because I have to get permission to go, I'm 18 years old and I still have to ask if I can go out! I'm always getting punished for what my brothers and sisters do. I always did what my parents say, but they still feel the need to get after me for what they have done. They say appreciate your family but honestly, I think that they push it way too far. Anyways tell me what you think, if you have advice, please tell me, I need a lot of help.
Written by
     The Girl Who Loves You, nivek and ---
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