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Sep 2014
Drip, drip, drip, drip
I hurt myself today
Iridescent tower of clear liquid splashing, sparkling
to see if I still feel
Harmless droplets of the memories that make life so tangible
I focus on the pain
and yet, too much can be fatal, torturous
the only thing that's real
Little moments sharpen into points of ice, drilling into the same wound
the needle tears a hole
Over and over and over until your closed doors and missed calls
the old, familiar sting
ripple through me like a roaring waterfall, I am drowning, I am drowning
try to **** it all away
And you say it's only a leaky faucet, but your silence dripped into my pores
but I remember everything
and I eroded, slipping through my own fingers when I tried to hold on
Italic lyrics credited to Johnny Cash's 'Hurt'
Written by
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