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Jan 2011
See that girl over there,
in the corner of the room.
She acts like she knows,
everything about you.

She talks behind our backs,
but she never confronts us.
Acting all that,
for her, it is a must,

But you've never told her much,
to do with your life.
And the words she says about you,
are only out of strife.

And when she speaks to you,
she says her words with a smile.
When we both know,
she's nothing but a liar.

Her face, it's doubled,
one in front and behind.
A face she puts on,
and one she tries to hide.

Because to all of them,
it's someone certain she has to be.
She's not truthful like us,
nothing like you or me.

But she'll go on with words,
the stories she's saying.
To her, it's nothing,
just a life with which she's playing.
Jolene Perron
Written by
Jolene Perron
   Elizabeth Gene
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