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Jan 2011
Have you ever really looked,
at the people all around.
With stories and lives,
their minds profound.

The teen mom,
with a baby on her hip.
Thin and lanky,
bruises and a fat lip.

Struggling to get away,
from the abusive man she's with.
She screams all night long,
"I've had enough!"

And the man, abusing,
the teen with the baby.
He might just be struggling too,
maybe, just maybe.

All he knows is abuse in life,
that's all his father did.
To his mother, all along,
since he was just a kid.

The man in the corner,
sitting alone today.
Wondering if his life,
if it will ever be okay.

His friends, they pressure,
him into the drugs, the steriods.
They tell him "Just one hit,
what are you, scared, boy ? "

The girl down the street,
struggling to fit in.
Her clothes, her looks,
they don't match the other kids.

She's different, she's dark,
and she keeps to herself.
But she wants to be like them,
it's a need she can not help.

Lying beneath the surface,
there is a storm inside.
In him, in her,
even one that is mine.

Everyone struggles,
to be who they are.
To get what they want,
to make it this far.

Have you ever looked,
at the people all around.
Their minds, complex,
their stories, profound.
Jolene Perron
Written by
Jolene Perron
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