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Sep 2014
I'm from moving around and many friends. Around the world and in my neighborhood.
Forgotten memories and forgotten life.
Left alone in the dark, crying until my eyes are red and on fire.
Keeping every memento I've ever gotten.
I'm from deep thoughts and long nights of research.
Not sleeping for three days straight.
Page after page of books.
New followers and information.
I'm from years of bullying and being different.
Twitching and raptor hiccup.
Hair and clothes.
Like and dislike.
I'm from a world of imagination.
Books that take me on a journey through worlds I wish I could be apart of.
Pictures and drawing I've drawn as a child.
Games that explain more than my schools could ever.
I'm from a life time of pain and joy.
I'm from updating my knowledge of the world.
I'm from a world of uncultured swines.
I'm from a world I wish not to be in.
I'm from the unknown.
A life I've yet to figure out.
Keep dreaming.
I'm from a world of fast moving dreams, that I'll never catch up too.
I'm from Earth.
This is a poem for my honors English class. This gives you some info about me and my personal life. Anyway yeah.
Written by
Elliott  Trans* Male/Indiana
(Trans* Male/Indiana)   
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