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Sep 2014
I am a visitor in the past
heavy bass and hops
a surgeon, eyes following
leaning on iron
fist pumping ire

I only live in recollection
worry terribly distortion
I wore a tie
I wore leather
I wore a lie
erased you, I did

I can bounce off a memory
wave at the ****** face of hilarity
knowing I can't go back there in reality
smell my hair, comb it with a part
slick it back
I zoom on by
who the **** was that,
never could catch up
the why

Never a master at tickity tick
present never present
I'm so distant, there I go again
waving at the ****** up face of hilarity
I click, I click, I click
flying by wave after wave
no difference between each but so rapidly different
that is reality
just not really
who said so
not me
I did
no really
no reality
that isn't me
just a memory

Change the sound
vibrate charm
no hand
no form
no world
vacuous gas
laughing design
waving at nothing
never existed
no one saw it
but you did
both, yes, you read it
morphed the reality
just a memory
a picture
Smell it.

play strings
bounce memories
fly light speed
see the edges
laugh at the image
see all of you
none of you
some of you
the thorn of you
***** pluck plunge
please do
not end
Robert McKinlay
Written by
Robert McKinlay  Vancouver
   Lambert Mark Mj and Emma
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