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Sep 2014
With a touch, he makes me erupt
Bound, by hand to foot
I am pleasured, first by tease
The smallest nibble
The smallest lick

Arching, straining bonds
Reaching for more,
Muscles contract, relax
And seek to break once more
I am forced to concentrate

Fists pull at my bindings
Over I twist, around I bend
Ankles to thighs, opened wide
Toys seek, penetrating,
My mouth, tongue to glass

Dripping, my want plays need
Throbbing, my button's desire
Far out stretched, wrists above
Tension increases the need
I am his, the ultimate in trust

He says to lick, my mouth invites
Guiding me, gentle to his ******
Knowing, he knows my want,
All my fears, delayed
My face cradled in his strength

I take, opening deep, but he won't gift
Just a tease, gets my breath hot
And I'm over again, wide and spread
I feel my lips open, blindfolded fun
His tip, it must be a sin

Vibrations wrench sweetness from me
His staff slides as his hands grip
Up and back, never in
Quivering thighs make me buck
I am denied, I am fulfilled

And I am on my knees
Arched high, opened wide
For hours he has teased
Will this be my moment
My teeth still my quaking lip

His hand again, I coat
Dripping down my insides
And he presses fingers to my lips
I drink, greedy, my taste
Not for me, but for him

A pleasured mess, I ****
Creating, overwhelming his own need
He takes it from me,
Pulling my cheeks wider
The tip, the tip, the tip!

I feel it grow, stretching me
Then the shaft, a hardness
Squeezing, throbbing my own need
I fight it back, to take more
Bound, his lust, gives more

Not a little but full ******
Split, I convulse
Against bind
In his hands, hard
My body gives

Lost, I am clay
Around him
I am molded
In fire, I am

I feel the urgency in thrusts
I feel his depth and ask for depth
His test takes me harder
And for more I ask
I give him myself

And I feel fingers press
Enter places, commanding more
Drawing more from me
Bringing me strange places
And I devour them all

Knees down and deep
Butting the pillow,
I am brought
Beyond flesh
To the place of my soul

And I am satisfied
Feeling his need
He pulls, plunges deep
Just above, my dripping wet
Giving me just the tip

I feel him swell
His knuckles play a song
Against my firm cheeks he plays
I squeeze and shutter
******* at his delights

I hold him tight
Letting him finish his cream
I feel it drip, both now
Down wet cheeks, inner thigh
Feral grin, this just begins
The Unbeliever
Written by
The Unbeliever  Limbo
       Musfiq us shaleheen, ---, ryn, Kevin Eli, --- and 3 others
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