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Sep 2014
Sadly this generation is more familiar with the death star depicted in Star Wars please let me try to
Change your mind the need for this is the war with terror an uncertain future for sure if you are
Only speaking in terms of a natural future it is dismal at best many are turned off by the true
Facts that this world is owned by a singular person that’s because your view is distorted by
Darkness languid stagnation you need to go to the edge of the universe meet the wonder of
Wonders a spectacle will leave you spellbound and speechless draw near and feel the verve
And Pulse of all light see Victoria Falls Niagara Falls but let them equal the globe in size their
Depth and breadth circles the known world instead of water envision light colors so distinctive
Ruby red Emerald green Sapphire blue just to name a few dazzling to the point of confusion in
Other words your minds grasp is exceeded introspection will be piercing the most mundane
Streets of dusty villages before thought not worth the time will reveal secrets swells of joy will
Carry you on their wings you will never view the world the same true dreams will knit
Distortions that are a plague and a Bain they have been fostered in every corner your childlike
Innocence will be restored you will find love that you think no longer exist all that ensnare the
Human community is revealed openly harnessing the light of the morning will realign and give a
True fix so much of life lies in shambles and in ruin with a clear head you will advance and not
Stumble the vexation of death will be transformed shadows will flee away a new day awaits
Pains sorrows will be accredited with unseen value no longer struggling through the mist but
Clarity will give way to adventure you will begin the climb ascend to great heights yes duty will
Still be in play but it won’t be drudgery that will be replaced with thrills stimulation you venture
Forth as kings and queens mapping your great domain anything less is insulting to you and the
Morning Star I will leave you with this so many words are spoken in this life but three are worth
More than all the rest they are of eternal significance they are I made it!
Written by
Hal Loyd Denton  Pana Ill
(Pana Ill)   
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