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Sep 2014
Seventeen times I’ve wished for you to look back
Check your rear view mirror and find me there
In the exact same corner where you said
“I don’t love you anymore”

I will never understand why you said
That you woke up one day and didn’t love me anymore
I mean, the heart does not wake up one day and say
“I won’t beat again”

You can only imagine how bad it hurt
When you used your brand new Cadillac to roll over my heart
And crashed it ruthlessly
I’d have given anything to pretend your body was what rolled over my heart instead
In the dangerous warmth of my parent’s bed

I’m still battling with the memory of you saying
“Not eating the first slice of bread is like judging a book by its cover”
I wish I could forget it, I really wish
I knew I’d fall for you as soon as you finished that sentence

I avoid watching the clock two times a day
Because I’m afraid that I’ll keep wishing for you
At 11:11

I hate how everybody says “it’ll be, if it’s meant to be”
But sometimes, it’s not

I have a secret envelop hidden behind my new photo frame
With all the things I never said to you
And every holiday I’d try to burn it
It haunts me still

I keep searching for your face in the crowds
It’s like you’re a lost child
A mother never found
Written by
adshimabuko  Perú
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