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Jan 2011
He tells her that his feelings,
they're there but he is not.
She wants him to stay,
to never be forgot.

She wants her love,
to be enough to make him stay.
But she's answered by the tail lights,
shining bright across her face.

"Turn around ... " she whispers,
silently to on her own.
Standing by the stairs,
this time she's alone.

He claims he wants to be,
alone for just a while.
As he drive away down the street,
mile after mile.

Talking to him earlier,
she asked him to speak his mind.
As cruel as it may be,
it was better than a lie.

He told her straight up,
his feelings were still there.
But in his mind, he's lost,
as much as he still cares.

Even though he hurt her,
while she stood there crying tears.
He was the one she wanted,
to hold her and gather her fears.

He's the one she wanted,
to chase the demons away.
To weather her storm,
tell her it's gonna be okay.

But she curls up in bed,
as a tear silently falls.
"All I want is you...",
she begs to white bedroom walls ...
Jolene Perron
Written by
Jolene Perron
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