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Sep 2014
Step One: Don't believe ******* they spout at you about you.
If they have a problem with you, that's their problem.
Let them deal with it.
They are trying to pass along poison that they took from someone else.

Step Two: Break the spell. They are experts at deception and try to trick you by using repetition. Just because you hear something over and over does not make it true.

Step Three: Know that your biggest enemy is fear. It has been woven so deeply into conversation that you can't see the invisible knife they hold to your throat.
Meditate on this...they are addicted to control and they wield hell like a giant hammer. They will start with your toes and work their way up and will try to pulverize your spirit with something that hasn't happened yet or can't even be proven.

Step Four: Know that you can live on a whole lot less than you think you can. Food, possessions, entertainment, approval, most of what they have convinced you to need is fluff and illusion. Simplify. One thing you can't get too much of is peace. Learn how to cultivate that and then spread it around.

Step Five: It is useless to seek personal validation in relationships. If you do, you just hold a mirror up to another mirror. **** gets weird quick when you do that. Know yourself before you go in, and learn to trust your own voice.

Step Six: Know that there is a spark of fire deep inside you. Find it. It is the lifeblood that binds everything together. It drives the diatom and the star. It is the seed that holds a million trees. It contains the primal patterns of all creation. It is as simple as it is profound.
Cast it from your hand and life will spring from bare stone.
Speak it and you will fill your words with many voices.
And the more you give it away, the more you will live in abundance...
Read the steps backwards...
W L Winter
Written by
W L Winter  66/M/EastoftheSunWestoftheMoon
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