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Sep 2014
I think it's time for him to leave.
I disagree.....
You know I spent countless hours on that RV!
I umderstand to a point but then I can't see, what you see.
We barly notice he's here, he even helps your husband on work he didn't have to commit to, but he did.
Whats so wrong with me wanting my RV back!?
Cause are two story house and three cars isn't enough? Not to mention the fact that we have three TV,s **** it's sickening to me. Can't forget the iPad and the kindle or your laptop that we barly use , EXCUSE me but there's definitely something wrong if you can't see what's going on. We are drowning In our riches and were too prideful to share at all.
It's not like your gonna use it in the winter time..
So what if it wears down, someone's gonna do that, and ****** at least it's for a good cause!
Passion fire hope
Written by
Passion fire hope
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