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Sep 2014
As we lay here together,
There's an unwelcome knock at the door.
I know I shouldn't, but I let it in.
Immediately, regret and guilt fills my head,
For I know what is about to come,
And I have the power to do everything to stop it
But instead, I surrender.
Legs shaking and body numb,
The demons see it as an open invitation.
Now I lay here, writhing in mental turmoil,
The battle has begun.
I am anxious and embarrassed,
Knowing the most radiant and shining angel
Is close by, yet the hero and helpless are hopeless.
Confused, but without judgment,
He takes my hand, kisses it gently, and says
'My dear, you and eye both know
This moment in time is but one grain of sand
Look deep into your Self and take command.
This is your life, your heart,
All wrapped up in a tiny hourglass-
Deep breath in.. and slowly out,
This too, my love, will surely pass.'
She knew he was an angel,
For he said all this and more
Using no words-
Just soft kisses and a sweet embrace
With pure and good intentions.
But she heard him and he was right!
Slowly but surely the tension evaporated.
She wiped her teary eyes, apologized,
And proceeded to softly mention
Her gratitude~
For all he's ever done,
For all he'll ever do,
She touched his face and whispered
'Angel, i love you.'
Written by
Meghan p  bottom right corner, WI
(bottom right corner, WI)   
     Lior Gavra, RyanMJenkins, Diane, ryn, Ecila and 1 other
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