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Sep 2014
You, my love,
Give me butterflies.
Since the day we met,
Every time I logged on,
They would do a
Dance around my stomach.

These butterflies, though,
Are not the kind I get when
I have to talk in front of the class .
These butterflies are the beautiful kind.

You, my love,
Make my heart race.
When you say those
three special words,
It beats faster and faster
And the excitement spreads to my face
As my lips curl into a smile.

This smile, though,
Is not the one I put on for
The people at school.
This smile is genuine happiness,
A smile which I rarely see anymore.

You, my love,
Are just that.
My love.
I love you.
Tee Jay
Written by
Tee Jay
     Just Melz, Sjr1000, Pax, patty m, Styles and 1 other
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