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Sep 2014
There's something you don't know about me. Something I'd never show. It's deep, it burns with no relief, in grief and strife below.  I'd let you walk all over me. I'd let you in the throes. If you didn't only love a man for what he didn't know.

With slender smiles you boast of me. And how I treat you right. But every night, from dusk 'til dawn, you wonder from my sight. I'd love to know just where you go. Or who'm it is you see. But I feel as though i'm just a part of the man I used to be.

I stress, and wait. Oblige in silence. Pick until my fingers bare. For you to come and set me true, to show me that you care. Just one word of honesty, just one statement fair. If I cannot abide your "love", then real love must be rare.

You came, you said you loved, you left; a tale as old as time. If I ever said I loved, I meant it. Your love a blatant lie.

No one can pain as much as you, not one can hold your due. But now I've found a love to love, a woman truly true.

A woman so outside herself, an angel by her grace.
To come and take me in her arms, and lead me from this place.
You strung me by, you left yet said I'd always be your man.
You thought I'd break, but now I'm living life with your best friend.
James Tyler
Written by
James Tyler  Memphis
   David Hall
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