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Aug 2014
There is something quite odd
in the way she mothers the pod
Keeping the imaginary peas warm
protecting them from harm.
She is the fairy of the sweet pea
Happy, kind and carefree
Sadly she has a secret confession
and definitely she's under the impression.
That the plant produces something
but apart from flowers, it doesn't do anything.
No little peas, just floppy empty pods
Winding up tired and well worn rods.
But without the fairy's magic powers
The plant would find it hard to give flowers.
But she is as sweet as ever they come
and as round as a Victoria plum.
She sits all day nursing the pods lovingly
Hoping one day she will see her first green pea.
Written by
cheryl love
     ---, SΓΈuΕ‚SurvivΓΈr, ---, --- and ryn
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