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Aug 2014
As the night grows deeper, I was wide awake.
Being alone and feeling cold, Situations I couldn't take.
Their is someone I'm waiting for
Wishing him to open the door.

They left me in this castle
To trap you and win the battle
But still, I know that you are strong
And winning wouldn't take you so long.

I will be here waiting for you.
Even if the red roses would turn to blue.
It is your name my heart is calling
And those promises are the one's I'm holding.

I remembered the time we made our promises,
In a place full of red roses,
You kissed me on my forehead
And "I Love You" was what you said.

You arrived when sunset came
And I was running shouting your name.
I was very happy and I hugged you so tight
But, a drop of blood came into my sight.

I begged you not to close your eyes
As I was very afraid like I have seen a mice.
But "I Love You" was all I heard.
Leaving me wounded and tired.
Ambitious Wanderer
Written by
Ambitious Wanderer  Spain
   Rimea and Sam Po
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