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Aug 2014
In midst of thunderstorms I could see a house
Standing under a tree, eyes wide open
Rain have never poured more
Wind could not shout more

Sweat was blending with water on forehead
Sweat of failure, sweat of rejection
I knew I won’t enter, I knew I won’t knock
But then I saw lights turned on.

Invitation was mocking, possibilities were low
Will get grains only if you sow
Doors won’t remain open forever
Wait someone wants to enter

Inside was dry and warm
Fireplace was on, bar was open
Took what I see, spent what I owned
This is meant for me, I am meant for this

Attraction hypnotized deeply
Should it be a palace, who else could be the king?
Jolly heart then saw an ugly shadow!
The supposedly king was shown a visitors queue.

Eyes see with minds sight
Brain a diseased brain with optimism
Hunting Bear looks like black pet dog
Only when you are near enough to be prey

But when love hits, numbness surrounds
Considered taming a bear
Reconsidered retried insist pushed
But can a tide be turned

Woosh! Waash! Washed away
How long a castle of mud stands?
It waits for its wave to spread where it belongs
For other dreamers to try there skills?

With the fallen castle i still dream
Had i erected it a bit farther..
Had i put more effort..
But what could be a life in sand castle?
Written by
Guy Random
     Lior Gavra and Guy Random
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