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Aug 2014
I close the door and lock it shut
I'm back in my silent spot
where the world outside is null
and once more rendered void.

Here, my walls are calmingly barren
the windows have been blacked out
the air feels quite fine on my face
and certainty is within grasp.

Quiet. My world as I know it is
soberingly serene and empty
of any and all interferences
I am free to breathe and be me.

I go to sit in my Quiet Chair
and, am surprised by the air
waves! They are starting to
ripple.Β Β Dysfunction casted!

The floor above once more ignites.
"What in the **** is this ****?!"
The Demon shouts with calamity
ringing out vividly in its voice.

"God ******, **** my life!"
The Demon cries out in hysteria
it rampages, slinging profanities
and slanders in blurred hysteria.

All too well I know the Demon's rants
I quickly take my stand and rise up!
I bang on the ceiling with my broomstick
hoping to silence the dastardly devil.

Bang, bang! The broomstick booms,
cracking the ceiling, sending sharp
warnings of my agitation upstairs
Its relegations I cannot bear.

And then, a moment of silence
I pause my retaliations and lie
quiet. I stand still and wonder,
"Could it have been that easy?"

"Just WHO in the **** are you?!
You insignificant piece-of-****,
WHO are you to try to silence this?
Shut up, and let me do what I do!"

The Demon goes back to its rant
too many nights I've been kept awake
incessant, worthless ramblings
only have served to make me break.

I take a deep breath and exhale
I cannot deal with the Demon
nor its continuing condemnations
no matter how cheap the rent.

BANG BANG, my broomstick booms
I must quiet the callous ******
this is my apartment as much as its
WHO am I to put up with its fits?

"God ****** boy, now that's it
I ain't got patience for your ****
I'm coming down to quiet you
Soon, you'll let me do what I do!"

There I stand as the Demon descends
I drop my broomstick and prepare
listening to its heavy footsteps rain down
thud, Thud, THUD, THUD, THUD!

The Demon's standing at my door
I hear it breathing its heavy breaths
waiting for me to face my fears
something I've yet to do before.

With a shaky hand and labored pulse
I slowly go and unlock my deadbolt
it takes all the strength I can muster
unsurely, my fingers find the handle...

I swing the door open in a flash
the handle hits the drywall with a crack
the Demon stands before me
my face begins to go flush.

In front of me is an age-old mirror
displaying my own reflection
I had always somewhat suspected
but couldn't bring myself to believe.

I close the door just as quickly
the deadbolt is locked once more
I return to darkened room
huddled, in the corner shaking.

"Madness is your master-- can't you tell?
At least I was a ******' angel before I fell!
This is your Hell! THIS IS YOUR HELL!"
... And my Demon's rant begins once more.
Frank Ruland
Written by
Frank Ruland  25/M/Virginia Beach, Virginia
(25/M/Virginia Beach, Virginia)   
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