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Aug 2014
A fall's chill wind
Like silver garland
Stings the earth
Bringing Jack's frost
Through the wood

He touches, gentle
Then, fierce, a want
Kisses finger tips
Wrists then thighs
Hands outstretched
Chest, face on the bed
Knees apart brought up
Back ached, pleasures in bed

Rough in places, touched instead
Opened, taken, dripping wet
Dressed in leather, fishnets
******* pressed hard, hands locked ahead
Heels, black, thigh highed and red
For him I am his, for my pleasure, I said

Let me be taken, on this satin bed
Bound by steel, and silken thread
In candle light, oiled I wait
Not begging for sin
But waiting for him

He takes me in kind
Roughly, like fury
I buck, and let ****
My skin likes him

Together we ***
But for me, I win
Mine lasts longer

Almost forever, for
His soft hands wring

I am, for whom he lives
For all my Girls in love tonight, whatever the forms!
The Unbeliever
Written by
The Unbeliever  Limbo
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