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Aug 2014
I failed to hear
the hoof beatΒ thunder
of the Dark Knight
as he raced in
to impale my Soul.

His lance
struck like lightning.
Piercing my mind,
frying the pleasure
receptors of my brain.
Flipping the pain to overload.

I glimpse the mirror.
I am gone.
to Banshee.
Hollow empty eyes.
Mouth stretched wide
in an indistinguishable
silent scream.

I feel
the black ****
swirling and gulping.
Dragging me down.
Down into
that dark abyss.

Death smirks.
Scratching at me
with his boney finger.
Whispering promises
of blood letting release.

I squint to see
the prayers
of those who love me.

Distant shooting stars
streaking across my universe.
Illuminating my heart
for one split second.

Tiny beacons
of life saving hope
on this storm ravaged sea.
Karen Newell
Written by
Karen Newell
     ---, Sjr1000, --- and r
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