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Aug 2014
Feeling really dull,
Can't cut through it like a butter knife,
Every second I sink into this hole,
See all people but Im a low life,
Pain to strong as it takes a tole,
Cut so deep,
Can't get away from this pull,
To scared to get up and take a leap......

Falling into sorrow,
Might call it quits tomorrow,
there is a light that I follow,
insomnia like an owl,
**** up the pain like a towel,
Every turn in life is like a foul.....
Time to face facts,
Like a video game I need hacks,
Got all my boys backs,
But they all seem to slack,
Weight heavy like Shaq,
Seeing the upside,
Anger so tame,
No reason to hide,
Everyone in such shame,
Wishing they were on my side,
Sitting with all the fame,
At the top now and never really tried,
Wish you all could have came,
But all of you lied,
Now I know it was all a game.

Brendan Barber
Written by
Brendan Barber
     Winter Ace
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