Aug 2014

I asked my angels
some time ago
how can I find happiness
from within?--
and they replied
and told me--
"As soon as you give yourself permission
your inner joy will begin..."

From that moment on
I began to see,
to understand
what they were saying to me--
and now it seems second nature
to almost always be
full of joy, delight and peace
straight from within
I live with smiles
embracing my heart and soul
and wish so much
I could just pass along to all
this beauty within
that I have come to know...

...not every single moment is bliss, some days are not so grand, but I've learned that the more I focus on the good things in life,
the more good seems to flow right on in...
Life is truly a gift!!! :D
Pamela Rae
Written by
Pamela Rae
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