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Aug 2014
When I wake up I can see,
I pass your ugly ***,
Shes a thot and looks like a he,
So many disease ****** dusty like snow,
Ugly *** ***** that looks like nanny mc fee,
I look you in the face and dont even know,
These eyes ******* burn like hell
I look at you and wanna cry,
You were a mistake we can all tell,
I just wanna ******* punch you oh my......
Its time for you to back to hell,
When you die that will be my high, im going to hit you with holy water you will burn I can tell,
**** this ugly ***** your going to die,
Knocked you out and you fell,
Smash your face and ring it like a bell,
Never will you catch me say,
To the street your going to sell,
Gone forever never hear a hey
Brendan Barber
Written by
Brendan Barber
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