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Dec 2010
If my brain had a mouth I could speak my mind. I could explain that instead of heartbreak it was all a game. We played a new version of 52 pick up. We used a sledghammer labeled "infidelity". Placed on A foundation which I though was stable "truth" turned out to be wet sand.
Drenched from my tears oceans wide and deep. Within the void that is my heart. She swung the haMmer with intent to destroy. "I love you" rang out with every thunderous crash. Murderous smile. Love blinded me, clouded my mind and shackled my body. If my brain had a mouth it would have told me to listen to its words, get new glasses, and walk away. Its sad that I played the game, that I am to blame, my brain is slain, heart the same, yet at the same time I think to myself. How different would this be if my brain had a mouth and I could actually speak my mind?
Written by
Mario Hamblin
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