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Aug 2014
Do you ever think of me much?
I think about you a lot

I remember every time we've been together
I think about the times when you would run out of your house and hug me and told me that you missed me
I think about how you'd make me see those ****** movies that I didn't want to see just so I can understand you more
I think about how you trusted me and let me into your life
I think about what could have happened if I wasn't such a ***** up

I'm a ***** up, not something hard to say
That is quite obvious
I wasn't a very nice person overall
I didn't know how to act sometimes and many moments I should have known better

Known better
Something I think about constantly
I find a girl who likes the Tangerine Bear and turn her into a wreck
Never wanted to get her like this
Even in my hatred I loved her
Still do

But I had good parts to right?
I couldn't have fabricated everything
Not everything could be a lie
If you took away my awful parts would most of me still be left?
I miss you all the time
Don't mean it romantically
I just do
Do you ever try to get rid of the bad parts?
Don't you miss me when you do?
Maybe you do or don't
But I hope you know I do
Written by
Harrison W  26/M
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