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Aug 2014
When you have a secret
A big one, not that your favorite color isn't blue
But one that eats, one thats hungry
Thats the kind I'm talking about
Secret with a captial S

It seems so big, that no matter how you keep it in
It will come out; but not the way you like
It'll come in snappy remarks, irritation and strife
It will work its way in, and put things through a blender
It'll slice up everything good in your life
It will stay hidden, and show everywhere
It'll be deep, deep inside
It will be everywhere

Secrets are important
Because they mean something to stay hidden
You want to tell them all, let them out
See if you are forgiven
but you want to spare feelings

Its right beneath the skin sometime
Its that second where they ask if you're mad
Its an anger that you don't know why
Its that evisceration of your soul
Its something that will never heal
Its everything you want to let go
Its everything you want to hide

Sometimes its a shame, sins against God
But is it God that will not forgive, or
That beautiful soul you are trying to love
That one you don't want to hurt
Because, like you, they've been hurt enough

So you find your courage, when you've had enough
When you are desperate to try, to put all your pain to ground
Gather your brave, bandage your wounds
Take your pride in hand, and stare fear in the eyes
You'll be better after, forgiven in stride,
Or you will know for sure, that effort's
Another lie

But be truthful to yourself,
The worst lie is yours
Make honesty a choice
And give secrets
the door
The Unbeliever
Written by
The Unbeliever  Limbo
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