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Mar 2011
Dearest Past,

        It's really strange and interesting to look back at where we used to be and then compare it to where we are now. Most of the times I constantly ask myself and tell myself, "Really!? What was I thinking?" Half of the time I wonder why I still remember the stuff that I put up for so long and the other half I spend wondering when I became smart enough to forget about you.

I also noticed that I tend to forget the things that used to mean a lot to me. Obviously it is because you don't mean jack squat to me anymore, but it is strange to know that something that used to be so familiar is not anymore. People that I used to know and be so close to are so distant that I can't even remember their names or faces.  Although I do remember the best more than the worst, I still remember the worst as detailed as ever. However, I finally realized that I can not change you and once I say goodbye to you there is no going back. It is time to let things go so I can finally look at you and compare you to the present and thank God for what I have now and what we don't have anymore. I've replaced the bad memories with better and more familiar ones. I've replaced the old with something new. I've replaced you with not only one but two; the present and future. I wish you the best of luck in other peoples lives and I promise I won't bring up the bad things; only the good.

                                                               ­                   Sincerely, Your dearest friend.
Written by
Sarah Johnson
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