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Aug 2014
We were lost, but it was a good time
Only because we were lost, did we each other find

Kids thrown into the big world, a whole new one for you,
We were looking for a foothold of sanity
And bumped into a common ground of promises new

We held hands in theory,
2 blind people helping each other through,
But we thought the world was blind,
And sight was just for me and you
An unknown minute apart,
Would turn our lives upside down
We were tourists finding our way,
In a strange strange town

Our dreams seemed to shatter before our eyes,
But we gave ourselves hope
We took solace in the fact,
That 'least we were at the same end of the rope

We prayed, that the light at the tunnel may appear
We insisted we're brave, even when we were crippled with fear
Those fits of laughter that we shared,
Seemed like oxygen on a mountaintop
We were warmth,
When below freeze point the temperature dropped

So you see,
We were lost, but it was a good time
Now we're lost again,
And I just want that old time
When 2 people are lost, but just one finds their way...
Written by
Urmila  India
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