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Aug 2014

Extreme use of profanities

and Gods engaged in an **** of lust

Apology in advance for any offence caused


At Freyja's Table**

******* Gods everywhere
******* here
And ******* there
They ******* **** and ******* ****
Some ******* clean
Some ******* muck
They **** in heaven
And in **** in hell
Cupids got them
under his ******* spell
With ******* arrows
in their ******* hearts
******* priests
******* tarts
******* freaky super powers
******* torrential golden showers
The ******* sparks
******* fly
******* ****** in their eyes
******* Eris causing troubles
******* Bacchus blowing bubbles
******* Sif is ******* Thor
More and more  
On the ******* floor
******* Gods everywhere
******* with their golden hair
Freyja clears her ******* table
Grabs any God that she's able
And ***** and *****
And licks and *****
******* breathless
Who ******* cares
******* Gods are everywhere
Discarded robes
that lay beneath
******* horns
and clenching teeth
They ******* ***
They ******* squirt
They *** again
Until they hurt
Steaming bodies
Sweaty hair
******* Gods are everywhere
No "modern God" was harmed during the production of this filthy work
Inspired by Cooper Clarke's "Chicken Town"
Shaded Lamp
Written by
Shaded Lamp  Sweden
   --- and Pradip Chattopadhyay
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