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Aug 2014
Today's new day
A bit less blood
Maybe my tongue
Doesn't papercut
Inside my mouth

Maybe my fists won't clench
That man won't undress me with his eyes
Make me unspecial, a *****

Today it's love
Everywhere, here
Seems to be, hope for me
The men are learning
Haven been broken
Taken to lengths unknown
Maybe one for me

Look at me
Unreadable, adorable
Beautiful, deep eyes

Let flowers sprout
Beneath my feet
Cool, rain wash
Away my sins
Forgive me, Father,
I might love again
Maybe, maybe

There is one
But not mine
A fantastic love
Broken, resilient
Vowed to try

I am jealous
Joy, though for a kindred soul
So lucky, what did she do?
Blessings from heaven
God's Gift to her

Will it prove true?
Or another lie?

I want it so badly
Unselfish for her
Because if there is one
There is two
I want to nurture
Guide and help

But to be anything more
Than an observer, spectator
Clapping hands, the audience alive
Will distract the stage, show
Maybe make a player, lover
Miss a step, trip out of step
Distractions, a bump

She's a beauty to behold
Him, in love, almost
It seems, a worship
Worthy goddess
Worthy love
For the men that make me think they might not be all the same, and will love her on her own terms...
For all the women, true to themselves, we must help them be the men we need them to be. Do something to show them they're on the right path.
So much love today! It's overwhelming!
The Unbeliever
Written by
The Unbeliever  Limbo
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