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Aug 2014
Do you know the feeling?
Air being forced from your breast
Drowning, without water
Air, close, but no regard
Heart ahammer

I remember the feelings

It came as a surprise
But inside I knew
Denying my instincts
Something about him changed
Uninterested, just motions

I had found his letters to her
Pictures of him, so far from home
Sent to her, what I asked for
I pleaded, almost cried for
Attempts to be close

Lies, left out for me to see
Couldn't even delete the evidence
A thorough betrayal of heart

I see it now again
Youth, another heart to be broken
What has happened once
Will happen again
Do these men know?
What a woman can feel?
Cuts her down, destroys her

On one hand, beautiful words
Promises and dreams
Trust misplaced
Eating at the soul
Ignoring her

Deepest emotions
But worn on the sleeve
A pattern of pain
I can only imagine
Her devotion true
Every thought of him
Her love's warm hold

He strays, first nothing
But words, beautiful words
Time spent away, he stays away
Writing with intention
Emotionally ******

Broken promises
Vows, turned lies
To have and to hold, *******
For better or worse, lies
Til death do we part, only when I die

And that's me
Dead now, a small part
Never did we speak
About how I felt
How he made me feel
That crushing weight
That put nails to my coffin

I see the pattern again and again
I cannot believe the strength it would take
To go past something like that
Men, liars and cheats
Don't they know how their words
Become actions, words build

All lies
The Unbeliever
Written by
The Unbeliever  Limbo
   Mercurychyld and ---
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