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Dec 2010
In 2007, I wrote my first poem.
Life 1
It held two questions.
Questions I have yet to have a answer for.
I'll date it.
I'll quote it.
On December, 14th 2010,
I ask it again.
"Why is there so many racist?"
"What did that race ever do to you?"

I never knew how to feel,
When I watched Roots or Schlinders List.
Until I meet them face to face.
The racist of course
Spewing the racist words they worshiped.
****** and Monkey, I was called.
With black skin and african qualities,
Will earn you those titles.

In my head I wonder;
Should I hate whites because of the KKK?
Should I hate Germans because of the Nazis?
Should I hate Russians because of Stalin?
Should I hate Muslims because of Osama?
Should I hate my fellow Africans because of the corruption that rips Africa apart?
These questions rattle my head.

So once again I ask.
"Why is there so many racist?"
"What did that race ever do to you?"

Randy Wiafe
December, 14 2010.
Randy PSoMAS Wiafe
Written by
Randy PSoMAS Wiafe  United States
(United States)   
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