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Dec 2010
Why are you weeping...
Why are you shivering...
I see the light in your eyes fading away.
Your people are not to stay.

Swiftly you move among the trees.
Disappearing into the silhouette of the night's kiss.
Aalbertje.... My love... My Precious.
The forest is dark and dangerous.

I touched the back of your neck and kissed it gently.
You turned around to see me as i tightened my grip around your neck affectionately.
I saw the light in your eyes fading away as you fell slowly on the ground as i breathed the sweetness of the air.
So slowly into my dark lair.

My face was the last thing you saw.
Aalbertje... Albertje...
Aalbertje Roweinna Van Loren...
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