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Dec 2010
My father was an eccentric middle aged man.
He collected old paintings and kept and locked them all away in the attic
But there was one painting that My father allowed us to see.
An old painting of a beautiful young woman.
He called it 'Miss Van Loren'.
She was so beautiful.
A polite smile and very dark straight hair.
But her eyes were the most unforgetable.
They were piercing green and alive.
As though able to see through me.

The painting was hanging on the wall in the hall.
Whenever i passed it by i always felt that her eyes were following my every step.

My father loved the painting so much.
But i was afraid of it.
I did not like her eyes.

Years pass, my father passed away.
And Van Loren was still hanging alone on the wall, dusty and old.
One day i took it off the wall and kept it in a trunk in the basement.
She looked deep into my eyes like crying as i closed the lid.

Ever since then i always had nightmares about Van Loren.
She visited me in my dreams looking so angry and creepy.
Let me out... Let me out

One morning i could not stand the nightmares anymore.
I took the painting out of the trunk and hung it back on the wall where it had been before.

But the nightmares did not stop.
She kept coming back.
Let me out.... Let me out

She began haunting me not only in my dreams.
She trapped me into a dark trance and screamt all the time.
I saw her eyes everywhere.
Let me out.... Let me out....

I thought i was going mad.
I took the painting off the wall once again and cast it into fire.

One day i accidentally came across my father's old abandoned attic.
I burst into it to my surprise.
I found dozens of different paintings of Van Loren hanging on the walls, lying on the floor.

Let me out... Let me out...

That very day i sold my father's old house and moved to another town.
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