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Aug 2014
Oh you might say that all who waited
Somehow, someday, find their treasures been waiting
But I know of a girl who had a tragic in-between of a story
She thought was her end of the line but behold
Another story was set before her surprised.

She found him in her innocence
Between what supposed in the way of her - a woman and a girl -
He looked at her first, she got his heart after
But years for their ‘us’ was far ahead so they kept a promise
To wait for him was hers; to wait for her, he tried.

Their vows were broken out of a simple ‘yes’ he found
In someone else’s lips said what he thought was love
Left alone was she, and the years far ahead gone astray
Like fragile bottles only to be broken to tiny pieces
Nothing else was left but memories singing the winds have carried.

Alone she walked through life she thought was cruel
‘Why do I always have to let go those that I loved’?
She had recounted every single one of those
She had to let go, she was left with moving on
Until there was this light, enough that darkness had to say goodbye.

Light was sparkling through someone else’s eyes
Alas! It was the eyes of true love, she hoped
Hoping was the only thing she knew, well except
Of letting go, moving on, and walking away for a thousand times
But this she found was something else, something worth the wait.

Never wasting time, they winded up in each other’s arms
Like a moth captivated by the candle lit in the darkest room
Their story was like dancing to and fro, of being afraid and trying to risk
They tried to risk, but time again for them was far ahead,
They had to bid farewell of what supposed to be true love.

She dared continue walking, away from pain towards hope again
She was now more onto loving her own, life would be beautiful
If only she would like herself more than before
Contentment was key, waiting was another
But fate had something else in mind for her.

There was this man who thought life was more beautiful
In living through pain and near-death experiences
If only he could waste his very own than how he does every time
Wretched, ruined, even thrill-seeker, or just a time waster
But truth is, he is just a boy inside trying to un-made his pain.

She met a crossroad where he was lying so lonely
She was a little too hopeless,
He was trying to be a little bit hopeful
They shared a smile that was soon followed a thousands more
It was like stars shining brightly, the night sky was full.

But dear I never would know how their story would end,
The story has not ended as I am still the girl who
Has been exchanging smiles with him in our little crossroad found
Star-crossed lovers we may never be,
But at least to knit our lives at this little time was enough for me.
Written by
Krezeyyyy  22/F/Cebu, PH
(22/F/Cebu, PH)   
   Sam Po, Erenn and Joseph Schneider
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