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Dec 2010
Left behind
But not forgotten
So much to say
But I'm not talkin

Feeling alive
in a world so dead
Everyone keeps quiet
With much to be said

The words on the lips
Of silent mimes
Ticking of the clocks
That run out of time

Waiting on something
That just might happen
Though its not funny
I'm still laughin

Waging a war
That has no sides
Where many innocent
Lay down to die

Through the silence
The lies could be heard
I listened to them
But didnt hear a word

I knew the truth
It was right in front of me
I just couldn't make
The other people see

They ran toward a light
That flickered and died
And more lies were said
To keep them occupied

I ran the other way
Ready to sacrifice
In search of all the things
That are good and right

This is the world,
The way we live.
Begrudging and angry
To not forget or forgive.

I'll not say that
There is no peace
But for us
Its just out of reach.
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