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Aug 2014
Firework explosions dance
across the midnight sky
sparklers swirl about
lighting up the air

The night is spent
in the back of your truck
with the blankets from my bed
and your body to keep me warm

Barbecues and fancy drinks
and atrocious amounts of food
everyone laughing and drinking and singing
and right by my side is you

The sparklers and the fireworks
of red and blue and white
cannot compare to the light
that shines from you and I

And in those moments
it seemed silly to me
that this holiday was spent alone
so many years before you came along
This is late, I apologise. And also not that great, so more apologies. But with school starting and work and all that nonsense I don't have much time to write. Am I the only one who feels this overwhelmed..
Written by
     Twinkle, ---, ---, --- and Erenn
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