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Dec 2010
I can not see anything with the rain clouding up my window.
Vague figures are moving out there so slow.
I am waiting for you to come home.
I know from town to town you have roamed.

The sound of the rain thunders, irritating my ears.
Will you ever make it home to me?
I fear the storm is hampering you on your way.
I hope the wind would drive it away.

Hours pass me by and still you are not in sight.
I start to feel so cold inside.
As the rain is falling harder and unmercifully.
And then, slowly but surely i begin to see it perfectly.

I am running in a swirl of time.
I feel so cold and empty.

I find myself standing in the rain against the storm.
Cold and stiff like an old aging tomb.
Right before me i see you through the window...
You are looking out with such a longing on your face, far away i hear a row.

I am right here....
Can you not see me....
I shout out loud as i walk closer to your window.

Open the door...
Let me in...

You keep staring at the storm...
I know you can not see or hear me...
I see tears running down your face...
As you close the window and hide yourself out of my sight....

*I am here...
Let me in...
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