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Aug 2014
on a street corner
in a crowded city
you'll see someone
across the way.

up until this point
their life has gone on.
they've had birthdays,
they've cried during movies,
they've said a final goodbye,
they've read books,
and even tasted food.

they've seen parts of the world
that you've seen, and parts of
the world that you haven't.
they've learned how to speak,
and live life.

they have friends who live
near and far,
family who call too often,
and family who never bother.
they have experienced heartache,
and they have experienced joy.

they own an entire closet of clothing,
they have accidentally broken dishes,
they have inner desires and needs,
and they all fear life as much as they
crave it, just like you.

up until this point
their life has gone on.
they've collected memories,
they've been through school,
they've fallen in and out of love,
and they've probably not noticed you
the way you've noticed them.

all too quickly you'll realize
that this person has disappeared
down the street and around the corner.
up until now
their life has gone on
and you've only just noticed them,
except now
you'll likely never see them

isn't it just the damnedest thing?
a recurring thought that I seem to have...
Copyright 08-4-2014 Elizabeth Lawrence ©
Elizabeth Lawrence
Written by
Elizabeth Lawrence  Massachusetts
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