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Aug 2014
Deep, Deep inside myself
something asking for help
Not from her or him
But from the one
who created this universe from none
Oh Allah!
my heart is regretful for what I've done
I've spent my life looking for fun,
forgetting that in just a blink of an eye,
I'll be gone
Allah !
you are the most forgiven
Please, forgive your sleeves
for what they've lost of their time

we all need to wake up
eager to make up
make up the time we've lost
by whatever it costs

Allah, through my pray,
show me the right way
Guide me all the day
to not feel that passion to stay
to stay in the life that is nothing,
however a way
a way to what you've promised us
once we commit ourselves to what you say

I surely know if someone goes to paradise
not by their deeds
but by your kindness, sympathy and nice
Otherwise, the hell will burn them, moreover engorge them as a starved person devours rice !

Once I fall in a mistake,
only your mercy towardΒ Β your sleeves keeps me calm
and I feel you around,
shedding light on a way,
I can fix what I've done
I will be the happiest one
if you forgive me before I'm gone

and as a saying goes:
"as long there is life , there is hope"
So, please keep us gripping that rope !
Written by
Omega  UAE
       ---, Rubab Bashir, Gaye, FatΔ±ma and Majd Al Deen
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