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Aug 2014
Hair that flows smoother than long grass in the wind.
It's that beautiful golden brown that food turns to when it's cooked to perfection.
A face that makes all people turn around to admire.
If she were alive back then, Charles Darwin, creator of the theory of evolution would have thrown out his theory because no ape could evolve into someone as perfect as her.
Her eyes, such a special shade of blue.
Unlike any other, there should crayon colour for her blue.
She is the definition of stunning, for one look and your mind shuts down.
Her beautiful eyes, you could stare at them forever.
One little quick smile could make any day better.
A smile that warms your heart, eyes that sparkle in the night.
The greatest writers would struggle to explain her immense beauty.
No proper words to sum her up no matter how large their vocabulary.
A face that's unforgettable, a heart with so much love.
A girl that you can't forget, no matter how far apart.
And this may sound like a love poem, well I guess you can say it is.
But it's the type of undying love you feel for a friend.
One who doesn't know her, worth or her beauty, if only she could see through my eyes
Then she would know about her beautiful smile.
One that brightens up your day, and shines brighter than the sub ever can.
Eyes that glisten and make you feel more lovely than walking barefoot in the sand.

She doesn't know of her beauty, but I promise you it's there.
But one say she'll know it, yeah one day she'll see it,
I'm sure of it, I swear.
Michelle Nyamekye
Written by
Michelle Nyamekye  Canada
   Chuck and Joseph Schneider
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